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What information is left behind when a camera/customer/integrator is deleted?

When a customer/integrator account is deleted, this will delete all users, cameras, alerts, etc. from the system. This is what happens when:

Customer is Deleted

Only activity logs with basic information will be left. All camera-associated data (footage, saved clips, events) is deleted from AWS servers within 24 hours and there is no procedure to restore any of this information. All users, alerts, and web-hooks of this customer are deleted as well. Logs will have information about what operations specific users did and what IP address this user was logged in from, below is the example of the data that is left.

Camera is Deleted

When the camera is deleted by either the customer or the integrator. All camera data, archives, events, and clips are deleted. Only information about the camera model, who and when it was deleted is preserved in the logs.

Integrator is Deleted

When the integrator account is deleted. All customers, cameras and associated data, users, alerts, events, and customer logs are deleted. Only the activity log of the integrator level users is left and information about who and when deleted the account.

Updated on: 09/26/2023

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