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What is Eclipse Net?

Eclipse Net is a professional cloud-based video monitoring platform that's available for integration or direct reselling. We empower businesses to provide their clients with an industry-grade cloud-based Video Management System (VMS) equipped with top-tier features, all at an affordable cost. Eclipse Net leverages Amazon's S3 servers for enhanced data redundancy and security.

Eclipse Net offers a comprehensive range of services to System Integrators:

Access to an admin portal, customer portal, and end-user mobile, web, and executable apps.
Compatibility with any ONVIF-based camera and NVR.
Cloud and Local/Hybrid recording options.
Flexible alarm and event scheduling capabilities.
An API for seamless integration with existing alarm or access management systems.
Branding and white labeling customization.
Pay-as-you-go plans for those seeking flexibility without fixed camera fees.

Updated on: 09/25/2023

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