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Who can see saved clips in the Library

Access to viewing, creating, and downloading clips is determined by the user's role within our system. Here's how Library and clip visibility functions in our platform:

Role Determines Camera Visibility: The user's role specifies which cameras are visible to them.

Role Specifies Clip Saving: Roles also define whether users can save clips for specific cameras.

User Permissions Govern Interaction: Users can interact with the video portal based on the permissions granted by their roles. For instance, if a role includes the "Save Clip" permission, the user will have the ability to create clips for a specific camera.

Clips Belong to Camera Archives: Clips are considered part of the camera's archive and are not tied to a specific user. Therefore, when a user with the appropriate permissions creates a clip for a particular camera, that clip becomes part of the camera's archive. Any user with permission to view that camera will be able to see the clip in the Library.

For example, consider a scenario where a customer has four cameras and two users. User A has permission to view and create clips for all four cameras, while User B is only allowed to view two of the cameras. If User A creates one clip for each of the four cameras, User B will only see two clips – specifically, the ones created for the two cameras they have access to. The other two clips will not be visible to User B.

Updated on: 09/26/2023

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