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Is it possible to include DNS names in my firewall rules to permit traffic exclusively to Eclipse Net servers?

If you wish to restrict outbound traffic from your network to a specific DNS with Eclipse Net, you can create a rule for *

However, if you intend to limit inbound traffic from Eclipse Net servers into your network, utilizing DNS resolution won't suffice. Under a single DNS name, numerous servers are registered, and DNS resolution will provide a single server IP address in a round-robin fashion. For instance, if you've set up port forwarding for a camera and want to restrict internet access to it using IP addresses from Eclipse Net's DNS, using resolved DNS addresses is not feasible, as these IP addresses may change.

Suppose you're looking to enhance network security and have cameras that lack support for an encrypted push module. In that case, we offer the Eclipse Net Gateway solution. The Eclipse Net Gateway establishes an encrypted tunnel between cameras and the Eclipse Net Cloud, enabling secure webhook calls from the cloud into the local network. This allows you to, for instance, activate network speakers based on human detection at specific times and in specific areas while maintaining security.

Updated on: 09/26/2023

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