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Do you support Axis cameras?

Certainly, we offer support for Axis cameras, as well as compatibility with other IP camera brands. For Axis cameras, we recommend the installation of our PUSH module. The primary function of the PUSH module is to enable cameras to establish a direct, secure connection to the AWS cloud via an HTTPS tunnel.

This configuration is highly reliable and secure, as it eliminates the need for intermediate servers. Unlike third-party P2P Stun and Turn servers, which may not support continuous streaming, our solution allows cameras to connect directly to the cloud. By doing so, it addresses security concerns related to cameras being exposed to internet hacking threats through port forwarding, as there is no public access available to PUSH module-connected cameras.

Another advantage is that the Eclipse Net PUSH Module doesn't encounter issues with ports being blocked by ISP providers, as it utilizes generic HTTPS traffic for streaming. Currently, we offer support for Uniview, Hikvision, and Axis open platform cameras with the Eclipse Net Push Module. Furthermore, all Axis cameras can be connected to the Eclipse Net platform via the ONVIF protocol without the need for the Eclipse Net PUSH module.

Updated on: 09/25/2023

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