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Can you recommend solar power camera models to be used with your platform?

We offer full solar camera solutions for Eclipse Net.

You can find our solar panel solutions here and our supported IP cameras on this page

Providing specific recommendations for non Eclipse camera hardware can be challenging due to regional availability variations. Your best source of information regarding solar-powered cameras would be your local camera supplier. However, our platform is designed to work seamlessly with any ONVIF camera. As long as the camera you purchase complies with ONVIF protocols, you can use it with our platform. Here are three integration options available for such cameras, and at least one of these options is guaranteed to work:

P&P Compatible Cameras with On-Camera Push Module

ONVIF Method for ONVIF-Compliant Cameras Using Port Forwarding:

Using Our Gateway for Integration: You can integrate any ONVIF-compatible camera without the need for port forwarding rules by using our Gateway.

If you have a list of solar-powered and ONVIF-compliant cameras available in your region, and the camera is not listed in any of our compatibility lists, please submit a ticket with as many details about the camera as possible. We will work with you to determine if it is directly P&P compatible or if we can develop a push module for it. Alternatively, we can guide you on using our Gateway to add it through the P&P method.

In any case, the ONVIF option is always available for all ONVIF-compliant cameras. You should collaborate with your local supplier to clarify the following points:

Is the camera ONVIF compliant? If it is, then you will be able to add it to our platform.

If the camera comes equipped with a 3/4G modem for direct internet connectivity, does this modem allow a direct connection to the HTTP (ONVIF) and RTSP ports of the camera? For non-P&P cameras, you will need to open direct access to the HTTP and RTSP ports of the camera, but not all modems support this feature. Therefore, it's essential to clarify with the supplier if there is a way to configure port forwarding on the camera if it is equipped with a modem.

Updated on: 09/26/2023

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