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Can I operate my cameras on a schedule?

Due to the inherent nature of cloud services, continuous camera functionality is anticipated, and any disruption in service is strongly discouraged. There are no readily available cloud-based solutions for orchestrating cameras to connect and disconnect on a predetermined schedule. Implementing such a system would pose security concerns because, during periods when the cameras are not actively streaming, the cloud cannot provide alerts or notifications.

If your client insists on scheduling camera usage, there are several methods to achieve this from the camera's end. Some cameras may support a sleep-wake cycle according to a schedule, although this is relatively uncommon. Another option involves using timed power outlets to control the camera's on-off cycle. Alternatively, you could manage the internet or network connection to restrict camera access during specified timeframes. The most suitable approach will depend on the client's equipment and requirements. However, it's important to convey to the client that when cameras are not actively streaming, there will be no video archives or alerts available. Additionally, there may be a delay of several minutes between powering on the cameras and the resumption of streaming. In some cases, manual reconfiguration might be necessary, especially if network settings change after powering on.

We strongly advise against using scheduled camera operations. Maintaining cameras in continuous operation, 24x7, is a more dependable and secure approach compared to the constant concern of whether everything will start up correctly in the next cycle.

Updated on: 09/26/2023

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