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Throughput: 80Mbps vs 32Mbps (impact of this is reflected in recording frame rates shown at bottom of this list.)

8 IP inputs for 16ch total vs 4 IP inputs for 12ch total

8MP max resolution over coax support vs 5MP max resolution coax support

4K HDMI output vs 1080p HDMI output

Both support Two-Way Audio

Both have CVBS output

Both support 1 x HDD

Neither has alarm in/out

Recording Frame Rates
HD over coax input:
5MP Lite@20fps vs 5MP Lite@10fps
4MP Lite@30fps vs 4MP Lite@15fps
2MP(1080p)@30fps vs 2MP(1080p)@15fps
Both support 2MP(1080p) Lite @ up to 30fps
Both support substreams @ up to 30fps
IP input:
Up to 8MP@30fps vs up to 5MP@30fps

Updated on: 11/23/2021

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