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How to program temporary cards and guest cards in client software for access control systems.


< Temporary / Guest cards Function>:

\* This function is designed for Guest access control.

"Guest card" can be available for only once in & out.

\* This function only supported by controller " ACC-995".

\* Any software operator be authorized the item " Limit Card Edit Range(1~199)",

the User "1~199" will become the "Temporary card",

available only for once in&out turn.


First, you should arrange User ID "1~199"

to be used by Guest card ( Temporary card ).

go to: 701Client => Help => Password

Set a new User ID for the particular staff, ( like "the guard" ),

at least, he must have the two authorities.

\* Limit Card Edit Range(1~199)

\* Door Access => for edit Guest card.

go to: 701Client => Area (Door Name Edit.)

\* add "@" before the Entry-door name.

\* add "#" before the Out-door name.

Than, open 701Client => View => Guest Status

when the guest flash the card at the entry-door reader,

the first record will show in the window.

when the guest left (flash card at the out-door reader)

the record will disappear.

\* and this guest card will be disable immediately.

(user mode became "Invalid")

until the guard modify the user mode to "Card only".

\*\* Don't remember press => =>

then, the next guest can use this card again.

\*\* when you download the card data to reader,

this card will be limited only available on current date,

that means the guard should update these guest cards everyday.

( To avoid these cards lost and damage the security. )

Updated on: 10/12/2018

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