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When installing 701Server 10V2 and 701Client 10V2, you will be asked if you want to activate database system. If you click NO, then it will not activate database system but run file system. If you click YES, it will activate database system.

To interchange 701Server/701Client between ODBC (databased) & FileBase Mode you can add this features on REGEDIT:


By adding value=1 you are temporarily stopping databased features.
This features is supported from 10.1 2000509 version and after.


When you want to return to databased again you change the value into 0. 701Server->ODBC->CANCEL->0

If it remains as file base system after changing the value of CANCEL to 0, please make sure if you installed database in your computer. If you have not yet installed database, it will remain file base system even you change the value of CANCEL to 0.
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